Sterilization Made Easy, Simple, and Safe

Laboratory professionals around the world prefer using Consolidated Sterilizer Systems.  Our Advantage Series autoclaves feature Allen Bradley controls with large, intuitive touchscreens, end-of-cycle alarms, and streamlined documentation abilities.  Furthermore, our controls come pre-equipped with 22 pre-programmed cycles, each designed to sterilize a different application.

Not sure which cycle is most appropriate for a difficult-to-sterilize load?  Wondering about daily maintenance procedures?  We regularly post articles on sterilization tips and best practices at The Chamber Blog.  Check out the Sterilization Cycles series, which explains advanced cycles and their applications.  Also, see below for additional resources designed to educate end-users on sterilization best practices.

User Guides and Training

Sterilizer “Quick-Guide” – a reference sheet for proper start-up, running a cycle, and maintenance

CSS Instructional Videos Series – Training videos for simple maintenance and operational procedures

Guidelines for Setting Cycle Parameters

Daily and Weekly Maintenance Recommendations

Monitoring and Documentation

All CSS autoclaves come equipped or can be retrofitted with our cloud-based monitoring, alerting, and data collection system. This integrated feature allows scientists, lab managers, and facilities personnel to monitor their autoclaves and download their sterilization data from any internet-ready device. Simply connect the autoclave via Ethernet or Wi-Fi to enjoy the benefits (cloud-based data storage, real time monitoring, and cycle alerts & reminders).

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