Performance Cycles Desired

  • Standard Cycles (with ADV-PB, ADV-PLUS and ADV-PRO Series Controls)
    • Liquids – For media and any liquids. Jacket Blowdown Options is required. Provides slow exhaust to prevent liquid from boiling over.
    • Gravity – For unwrapped goods, flash sterilization.
    • Pre-Vac/Post-Vac – For wrapped goods, cotton, rubber, animal bedding
  • Non-Standard Cycles (with ADV-PLUS and ADV-PRO Series Controls)
    • Bowie-Dick – Typically utilized in healthcare sterilizers for determining proper air-removal with VACUUM units. Bowie-Dick Test Packs are required.
    • Low-Temp Cycle – Also called ISOTHERMAL Cycle. This is utilized on heat-sensitive loads. The sterilizer operates at a much lower temperature and pressure.
    • Vacuum Leak Test – This is used on VACUUM units to determine if the sterilizer if holds vacuum properly.
    • Air Over Pressure – Liquid-cycle upgrade. Required for very small-volume liquid loads where evaporation control is critical.

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