CSS Finds a Clever Approach to a Tricky Autoclave Installation

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CSS Finds a Clever Approach to a Tricky Autoclave Installation

Project Name: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Project Location: Madison, Wisconsin
Type of Project: Sterilizer Upgrade

The Client

The Department of Integrative Biology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison specializes in research and education across all levels of biological organization and areas of study. The department also considers a diverse range of taxa and systems and addresses a wide array of basic and applied research questions.

A world-class institution, UW-Madison provides students studying molecular biology, neurobiology and zoology — to name a few — with the most advanced laboratory equipment, including sterilizers.

The Challenge

The Department of Integrative Biology had an autoclave that the university had purchased some 25 years ago. Although the unit in question had served its needs at the time, the department has grown over the past two-plus decades and, with it, the number of labs that rely on the autoclave as their core sterilizer. In light of this need, Duane Barnes, Facilities Manager for the Department of Integrative Biology at UW-Madison approached the Consolidated team to discuss replacing the existing unit with a newer, larger autoclave.

During an initial walkthrough of the Birge Hall facility, our sales partner, DAI Scientific, determined that the building’s elevator would be unable to accommodate the size and weight of the new autoclave, which was more than 25% larger than the department’s existing unit. This would prove especially challenging given that the client wanted to install the new unit on the fifth floor of the building.

The Solution

After receiving the findings of the initial walkthrough, we worked closely with DAI Scientific, as well as our service company, BioTech Services, Inc, to develop a solution for the problem at hand. Together, we realized that UW-Madison could successfully install a larger unit if we shipped different components and brought them into the building separately.

After verifying that we could, in fact, ship the sterilizer control system and the main chamber door of our SR-24C single door hinged autoclave separately, we were able to work with the service company to complete the installation. The installer was able to move the main chamber to the fifth floor of Birge Hall using the elevator without issue and secured proper rigging to move the remaining components. Once all of the components were successfully placed within the lab space, the service company was able to reassemble and install the autoclave unit.


Both the facility manager and the university manager were incredibly pleased with the results of this project, as well as with Consolidated and DAI Scientific’s teamwork and out-of-the-box approach to coming up with a workable solution. Thanks to our combined efforts and the larger sterilizer, the university is now able to accommodate an increase in lab work, furthering important academic research.

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