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We work with a wide range of facilities that span a variety of industries. To get an idea of how Consolidated Sterilizer Systems can help your facility, view our growing collection of case studies in video and PDF formats.

Bioverativ video
Video Case Study | Bioverativ: A Biopharmaceutical Company in Waltham, MA

Bioverativ is an independent biopharmaceutical company located in Waltham, MA and dedicated to transforming the lives of people with hemophilia, cold agglutinin disease and other rare blood disorders.

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banner with image of autoclave installation
Case Study | CSS Finds a Clever Approach to a Tricky Autoclave Installation

A world-class institution, UW-Madison provides students studying molecular biology, neurobiology and zoology — to name a few — with the most advanced laboratory equipment, including sterilizers.

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Case Study | Major Research University Upgrades Autoclaves to the Cloud

The Department of Horticulture and Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences are two of the largest departments at Michigan State University, a well-known public research university with over 50,000 students…

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CSS_Case Study_Scientific Device Laboratory
Consolidated Sterilizer Systems Completes Challenging Autoclave Installation for Leading Medical Device Manufacturer

Scientific Device Laboratory is a Des Plaines, Illinois-based medical device manufacturer that applies its expertise in the fields of microbiology and specialty printing to the production of microscope slides, sterile tools, stains, reagents and more for scientific research purposes. Founded in 1980 by Dr. Stewart Lipton, SDL is committed to finding solutions to scientific challenges and operates under the guiding principle of “If we can’t find a way, we will make one.”

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