Webinar Duration: 33 Minutes

What does the steam sterilizer of the future look like?

This webinar will discuss emerging trends in laboratory steam sterilizer design, with a focus on sustainability and methods to reduce the consumption of water/energy on a typical steam sterilizer. Emerging water saving technologies can reduce the water consumed by more than 90% with a return on investment typically between 6-18 months. Other emerging trends will also be discussed, including remote monitoring and control through workstations or mobile devices, BSL-3 sterilizer design, and space-saving practices.

This webinar is ideal for laboratory professionals interested in:

  • Water and energy conservation—why your steam sterilizer is wasting resources and how you can stop it
  • LEED credits and points—which ones are available to you when you use steam sterilizers equipped with conservation technologies
  • Control system and connectivity sophistication—what to know about advancements in centralized control systems, automation, predictive diagnostics and remote monitoring
  • Space saving design—why piping, steam generator, and control column placement matters
  • Unit lifetime costs—how the design and technology you pay for today affects the return on your investment tomorrow and in the years ahead

On-Demand Webinar Duration: 33 Minutes