C3 Chamber CleanerIntroducing C3 Sterilizer Cleaning Solution

Specially formulated for Consolidated Sterilizer Systems to remove rust, scale, stains and discoloration due to spills.


When used regularly, with approved cleaning pads, C3 extends the life of your sterilizer chamber.

  • C3 simplifies cleaning.
  • Frequent use leads to faster, more effective cleaning the next time. Interior chamber cleanliness improves sterilizer appearance and minimizes odor.
  • C3 is formulated for both stainless steel and nickel-clad steel chamber surfaces.
  • C3 leaves no residue; no special disposal required. Simply use a damp cloth to wipe down interior surfaces after use.

How It Works

C3 takes advantage of Consolidated’s rounded interior corner design to promote frequent, manual cleaning.

  • Use approximately once per week for best results, more or less often depending on usage.
  • Use on spills and spots anytime. Use cleaning pad with C3 solution, then wipe away residue with a damp cloth; the sterilizer is ready to use.
  • For optimum cleaning results, use solution when sterilizer chamber is warm.

How to Order

Catalog No. Description
12-02-0001 Kit. Includes one 16oz/473ml bottle of C3 cleaner and two cleaning pads.
12-02-0002 Case of six 16oz/473ml bottles
12-02-0003 Cleaning pads, package of twelve

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