Single Door, Hinged Autoclave

Single Door Hinged Autoclave

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Made In the USA
Made In the USA
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
Proven Quality & Reliability
Proven Quality & Reliability
Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Controls
Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Controls

Consolidated’s hinged door sterilizers have been used for decades by sterilizer users around the world.  Quite simply, they are built to last and easy to maintain.  All hinged-door sterilizers can be customized to suit any unique requirements and applications of a particular facility.  For example, you may choose what side you prefer to have the hinge located.  With maximum uptime engineered into the product, Consolidated’s sterilizers offer a superior return on investment as demonstrated through thousands of installations worldwide.

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Product Details
Consolidated’s sterilizers are rich with features and options to satisfy a variety of applications and industries. Scroll down for more details.


X1 Controls
X1 Controls
All sterilizers come equipped with this state-of-the-art and easy-to-use control system that allow up to 50 programmable cycles and password protection. Read more about it below.
Non-Proprietary Parts
Non-Proprietary Parts
Consolidated’s sterilizers consist of high quality, non-proprietary parts that can be easily obtained from local suppliers, authorized service groups, e-store, or directly through Consolidated.
Made to Order
Made to Order
Consolidated offers many autoclave customization options to accommodate your unique lab space. Other manufacturers do not provide the level of customization that Consolidated offers.
Save water and energy in your lab with utility-saving features that are built into our sterilizers. Read more about them below.
Low Cost of Ownership
Low Cost of Ownership
Consolidated sterilizers are manufactured to be easily serviced and maintained by in-house personnel or your local authorized service technician.
Unique Chamber Construction
Unique Chamber Construction
Consolidated is the only manufacturer to offer both 316L stainless steel and nickel-clad chambers. Choose the chamber that best suits your application while maximizing chamber lifespan. Read more about materials below.


Chamber Dimensions (W x H x F-B) Volume (Cubic Feet / Liters) Model Downloads
Hinged Autoclave 16x16
16" x 16" x 26"
40.6 x 40.6 x 66 cm
3.9 cu. ft
109 liters
Hinged Autoclave 20x20
20" x 20" x 38"
50.8 x 50.8 x 96.5 cm
8.8 cu. ft
249 liters
Hinged Autoclave 24x24
24" x 24" x 36"
61 x 61 x 91.4 cm
12 cu. ft
340 liters
Hinged Autoclave 26x26
26" x 26" x 39"
66 x 66 x 99 cm
15.25 cu. ft
430 liters
Hinged Autoclave 24x24
24" x 24" x 48"
61 x 61 x 122cm
16 cu. ft
453 liters
Hinged Autoclave 24x36
24" x 36" x 36"
61 x 91.4 x 91.4 cm
18 cu. ft
510 liters
Hinged Autoclave 26x26
26" x 26" x 49"
66 x 66 x 124.5 cm
19.2 cu. ft
544 liters
Hinged Autoclave 28x28
28" x 28" x 48"
71 x 71 x 122 cm
617 liters
Hinged Autoclave 24x36
24" x 36" x 48"
61 x 91.4 x 122 cm
24 cu. ft
680 liters
Hinged Autoclave 24x36
24" x 36" x 60"
61 x 91.4 x 152.4 cm
30 cu. ft
850 liters
Hinged Autoclave 24x36
24" x 36" x 72"
61 x 91.4 x 183 cm
36 cu. ft
1019 liters