Economy Series - Cylindrical

Cylindrical, Double Wall

Model Chamber Dimensions (W x H x F-B) Volume (Cubic Feet / Liters)
icon-product-cyl-50px 16-D-24 16" x 24"
40.6 x 61 cm
2.8 cu. ft
79 liters
icon-product-cyl-60px 16-D-36 16" x 36"
40.6 x 91.4 cm
4.2 cu. ft
119 liters
icon-product-cyl-70px 20-D-36 20" x 36"
50.8 x 91.4 cm
6.5 cu. ft
185 liters
icon-product-cyl-80px 20-D-48 20" x 48"
50.8 x 122 cm
8.7 cu. ft
247 liters
icon-product-cyl-100px 24-D-36 24" x 36"
61 x 91.4 cm
9.4 cu. ft
267 liters
Consolidated Sterilizer Systems

Steam Source

This sterilizer can accommodate or be supplied with the following steam sources:

  • House Steam
  • Electric – Integrated Boiler
    • ProGenTM Carbon Steel
    • ProGenTM Stainless Steel
  • Electric – Remote Boiler
  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel

Steam-to-Steam Remote Boiler (Heat Exchanger)

Air Removal

This sterilizer can accommodate the following air removal methods:

  • Gravity
  • Gravity with Post-Vacuum
  • Pre-Vacuum
    • Liquid Ring Pump
    • Venturi / Water Ejector System

Materials of Construction

Chamber Options

316L Stainless Steel, Nickel-Clad

Jacket Options

Carbon Steel, 304L Stainless Steel, 316L Stainless Steel

Plumbing Options

Bronze, Brass, Copper, 316L Stainless Steel

Consolidated’s Advantage Series™ Programmable Logic Controllers are built using proven industry-standard components that provide dependable performance, solid reliability and international parts availability.

  • Choose from ADV-PRO™, ADV-PLUS™ or ADV-PB™ controllers.
  • All Advantage Series™ controllers are based on the proven Allen-Bradley® PLC platform configured specifically for Consolidated Sterilizer Systems.
  • Intuitive Rockwell touchscreens and real-time operating system
  • UL/CSA listed

Advantage Series Controller Brochure

Models & Key Features

    • ADV-PRO
    • 6" x 10" Color Touchscreen
    • 22+ Cycles
    • Pre-Vac Capability
    • Password Protection
    • BSL-3 Compatible
    • ADV-PLUS
    • 7" Monochrome Touchscreen
    • 12 Cycles
    • Pre-Vac Capability
    • ADV-PB
    • 3" Monochrome Touchscreen
    • 2 Cycles
    • Steromaster
    • Solid state automatic controls
    • Time-controlled
    • Built-in 60 Minute Timer
    • Automatic exhaust
    • Manual
    • Heat resistant manual valves
Cycle Type ADV-PRO ADV-PLUS ADV-PB Steromaster Manual
Description Color Touchscreen Display Monochrome Touchscreen Display Monochrome Touchscreen Display w/Push Buttons Solid state automatic controls Heat resistant manual valves
Gravity Yes Yes Yes
Liquids w/Auto Jacket Blowdown Yes Yes Yes
Liquids w/Controlling Load Probe Optional Optional
Pre-Vacuum Optional Optional
Post-Vacuum Optional Optional Optional
Low Temperature (Isothermal) Optional Optional
Bowie-Dick (Air Removal Test) Optional Optional
Vacuum Leak Test Optional Optional
Air-Over-Pressure Optional
Effluent Decontamination Optional
Fo w/Controlling Load Probe Optional
Total Programmable Cycles Up to 22 Up to 12 2