More Smart Options from Consolidated

SterilCARE™ Proactive Maintenance Program →

Preventative maintenance plan for Consolidated autoclaves.

Energy Saving EcoCalendar™

Allows user to program controller for night and weekend set-back. Saves water and energy by shutting down steam to jacket during those hours when not in use.

Liquid Ring Pump

Helps conserve water and reduces cycle time on Prevac sterilizers.

Load Control Probe

Probe placed within load for the duration of a cycle, validating sterilization.

Economy Post-Vac

Accelerates end-of-cycling drying time on Gravity sterilizers.

Steam/Inlet Filter

Cleans dirty steam

Autoclave Chamber Cleaner →

Clean the inside of the sterilization chamber with Consolidated’s C3 Chamber Cleaner.

Rack with Removable Shelving →

Allows shelving to be removed part way or “oven-style” in lieu of stationary shelving.

Loading Cart & Transfer Carriage

Assists loading and unloading product to and from sterilizer.

Steril-Q™ Validation and Documentation Services →

Steril-Q™ includes an array of documentation, tools and expertise required to successfully qualify and validate a new or existing autoclave within accepted IQ/OQ/PQ protocols.

SteriNET Connex →

Remote Monitoring System and Factory Support

The Consolidated SteriNET Connex remote monitoring system offers a quick and easy solution for diagnosing your sterilizer from an offsite location. With SteriNET Connex, Consolidated engineers can connect to your sterilizer via a standard dedicated phone line. SteriNET Connex is ideal for facilities located in remote areas where service assistance is hours or days away.

Features and Benefits

  • Maximizes uptime, reduces unnecessary on-site diagnostic calls, and minimizes on-site service time resulting in lower service costs over the life of the autoclave.
  • Allows for efficient coordination and accurate parts ordering and delivery, for just-in-time service.
  • Includes one year of free software updates.
  • Software upgrades will be installed free of charge (excluding hardware, if required).
  • Allows Consolidated factory engineers to acquire first-hand information from the system to support in-warranty or out-of warranty (billable) service assistance.

And many more… Please contact us for additional options to meet your requirements.